Adaptronic Diesel ECU ECM

Direct fuel Injector solenoid drivers.

Direct fuel Injector solenoid driver can be used to run all type of solenoid valves for injector and fuelpumps including DI petrol injectors.

The drivers need a pull down signal for operation of the outputs.

Please contact us for information on how to use on your control system.

Injector drivers are used for:

Injector testing (repair/metering/other measurements)

Injector or fuel pump development

Run engines on DI injectors

Direct fuel Injector solenoid driver specifications

The INJ drivers are build to industrial standards and use power recovery from the injector coils in a way that not only we have extreme low power consumption but our drivers store the energy making it possible to run hi RPM on the engine and still have the ability to fire the injector in rapid succession without dropping power for the boost phase of the injector coils so peak current is consisted giving the guarantee that injector timing and metering remains within injector specification. Also every DI injector driver output has his own hi side driver stage and this will make it possible to fire the injector independent without limitations to timing and duration. Most automotive DI injector drivers share 2 up to 4 injector outputs per hi side driver meaning only one of these injector outputs can be active @ the time giving complications when pilot and post injections are needed.      

Supply Voltage 9V to15V or 18V to 28V  

- boost voltage 45 en 100V

- boost time 25uSec up to 275uSec (can be exstended)

- boost current limit setting. YES

- peak current time 300uSec up to 2.7mSec (can be exstended)

- Peak current factor 1.1 up to 2 times hold current.

- hold current 0 up to 19.5A

- Driver 12A continue and >80A pulsed

Dimensions: 125 x 215 x 50 mm per injector drivers 4 outputs