Mack MP8 ECU

This ECM will run Mack MP8 engines


What included:


1x DID1 main controller.

3x injector driver

1x 0,5 meter injector wire loom

1x application

1x wire in list

Software (please tell us what RPM your want to run max so we can set the parameters for you)


Instructions on how to pay with Via or Master cart will be sent over by e-mail!

This ECM is build with only one goal.

Maximise your engine performance and this ECM platform will support your project able to run far more RPM than your engine can handle.

What makes this ECM unique? Two things:

The main controller allows for writing your own controls from fuel metering to mutable control systems from boost or wastegate control to launch control options if you want to run boost on the starting line or want a two step launch control, controlling engine power @ the start it can all be done.

The Injector drivers are build to industrial standards and use power recovery from the injector coils in a way that not only we have extreme low power consumption but our drivers store the energy making it possible to run hi RPM on the engine and still have the ability to fire the injector in rapid succession without dropping power for the boost phase of the injector coils so peak current is consisted giving the guarantee that injector timing and metering remains within injector specification.


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