Carrot UEGO controller

€ 302,50

The Carrot Uego controller is capable of measuring the level of oxygen in the exhaust gas at high speed, in combination with a Bosch LSU4.9 lambda sensor. The controller is transmitting this data to the engine ma-nagement system by CAN-bus or an analogue signal. The controller provides an accurate lambda measure-ment even when the exhaust gas temperature is chan-ging rapidly.


Technical Specifications:

Aluminium housing

1x 6 pin sensor connector (LSU4.9)

1x 4 pin binder connector1x 4 pin

DTM male connector

Size 58mm x 43mm x 14mm (LxWxH)

Power supply voltage: 10 to 16V

Power supply current: 0.5-1A (max 2A at startup)

1x CAN communication busMounting: 2x M3 bolts