Diesel ECU for Mercedes OM606 EDC fuelpump

€ 804,00

A diesel engine controller for engines equipped with a Bosch M-type EDC electronic diesel injection pump, such as Mercedes Benz OM605 and OM606, as well as VP37 injection pumps found on lots of different cars.


Package contents:


  • electronic control unit
  • 6 pin mini-fit jr connector
  • 8 pin mini-fit jr connector
  • 24 pin mini-fit jr connector
  • Crimp contacts for connectors
  • 1.5 metre USB A-B cable



Ordering options:


  • Internal data logging memory allows the controller to record a data log when no laptop is connected for retrieval later using a laptop. Without this option, data logging can be performed only while a laptop is connected. 
  • Needle lift sensor adds an amplifier module that turns digital input 0 into a low voltage input for processing the needle lift timing signal found on engines with VP37 rotary distributor pumps.
  • Extended I/O option adds 8 extra analog inputs, 2 extra digital inputs and 4 extra low-side switch outputs. See product's user manual for more information.

Plug and play wiring adaptor is also available for easy fitment to standard Mercedes Benz cars with OM605, OM606 and OM602.98x engines.