AT-250107 / LSU4.9-upMod007 sensor kit

€ 240,00

This board enables an Adaptronic Modular ECU (except the M1200) to control a single LSU 4.9 sensor directly, by wiring the supplied harness into the ECU connectors. If you need to control more than one LSU 4.9 sensor, you may add more wideband O2 modules into your Adaptronic Modular ECU, provided that there are more small expansion ports that you can use.

Installation instructions

1.) To install the board into the ECU, you will first need to unplug the ECU from the vehicle and open the ECU up to have access to the small expansion port(s). Opening the ECU up basically involves removing the onboard MAP sensor nuts, prying the ECU end-plate open, and sliding the main board out of the enclosure. If you need more details on how to do this, you may email tech support using the address provided below.

2.) Locate an available small module expansion port, and carefully insert the on-board wideband O2 controller module in. The module can only be inserted one way so that it lines up with the white outline printed on the main board. It also doesn’t matter which small expansion port you choose, as the ECU will automatically detect and tell the tuning software which pins on the ECU connector you’re supposed to wire to.

3.) Once the module is set in place, slide the main ECU board back into the enclosure and carefully reseal the ECU using the end-plate and on-board MAP sensor nuts. It is also recommended to upgrade the ECU’s firmware at this point to ensure all the modules inside the ECU are using the same version and the latest one.

4.) After updating the firmware, verify if the ECU detects the new module by going to the tuning software’s ECU Hardware Settings menu, then click on “Modules”. There should be at least one Small Module Address that shows a “Lambda” module is connected.

5.) With the ECU still connected, access the tuning software’s pinout page - Home> Wiring Guide (or click F8) - and locate the 6 pins required for the sensor harness connection:

If you’re using an M2000 or M6000 ECU, you can just insert the pins on the harness provided into the AMP superseal connectors. If you’re using a plug-in ECU, you will have to cut the superseal pins and replace them with the OEM ECU pins.

6.) After wiring up the sensor harness, you may now connect the provided LSU4.9 sensor and proceed with the software settings required. Note that the wideband O2 sensor is generally recommended to be installed about 60cm. away from the exhaust collector or turbocharger.

Software Settings and Sensor Calibration Note

In the tuning software, go to Inputs > O2/Lambda sensors > O2 sensor 1, and set the connection type to “Internal Lambda”.

After setting the above, the wideband O2 controller is now ready to be used. There is no free-air calibration required, because the internal calibration resistor is used for reference.


What's in the box

1 x AT-250106 Modular ECU board Only - LSU4.9 Wideband O2 Controller
1 x Bosch LSU 4.9 O2 Sensor
1 x O2 Sensor Weldable Fitting Bung ONLY
1 x 1.2m LSU 4.9 Wideband Harness
1 x Product Insert