Speed sensor without display (G25 series) 781328-0004

€ 382,07

Speed sensor without display (G25 series)

Only sensor for measuring compressor wheel speed

To determine the compressor efficiency

Whether tuner or hobby mechanics, a rev counter for the turbocharger is always recommended! Thanks to this gauge, everyone can see in which state of efficiency the turbocharger respectively the compressor side is. It can also immediately detect overspeeding of the turbocharger and prevent turbocharger damage!

Fits all G-series turbochargers

With the help of a rev counter display for a turbocharger, or the compressor wheel, you know combined with with the boost pressure, the efficiency point of your turbo in a compressor map. Only then you can make sure that your setup is correct and also see whether the turbocharger is not yet efficiently used or is perhaps in a harmful area which can cause damage (overspeeding, surge,...).

You get only the sensor!

Manufacturer item number: 781328-0004