EGT-K Thermocouple Amplifier 0-5V (Type-K) - 1 Channel non VAT

€ 42,00

EGT-K Thermocouple Amplifier 0-5V (Type-K) - 1 Channel

For standalone ECU's

Converts the Type-K sensor signal into a 0 - 5 Volt signal

Notice: Our type K to 0-5V thermocouple amplifier is ideal for the CANchecked displays for measuring and displaying the exhaust gas temperature, water-, oil,- transmission oil,- fuel,- or other temperature values.

EGT-K is a precision thermocouple amplifier providing high accuracy temperature measurement in range of 0-1250°C. It converts thermocouple type-k non-linear milivolts signal to 0-5V linear (4mV/°C) analog output so it's compatible with most industrial applications and data-loggers. It has built-in cold junction compensation so any length wires can be used. EGT-K is available in single, dual or quad channel variant.

Number of type K inputs: 1

Fits for:
- CANchecked display und multigauge
- Standalone ECU's, e.g. Adaptronic, ECUMASTER EMU, AEM, LINK, Greddy EMS, MME ECU481, Trijekt, KDFI, ect...

Please note: Thermocouple type-K sensor cables should be connected directly to EGT-K terminals. If you would like to use extension cable for thermocouple than it should be from the same alloy's material as thermocouple. Using any other alloy will cause measurement error on instruments reading.